Quick Facts

All grants by the Wyandotte Health Foundation are made solely for the benefit of Wyandotte County residents. While a few grants have been made to organizations in communities that border the county, these groups must demonstrate and document that funds are expended for Wyandotte County residents only.


  • The Wyandotte Health Foundation was formed in October 1997 with proceeds from the sale of Bethany Medical Center to Galen of Kansas, Inc., a subsidiary of Columbia/HCA.
  • When formed, the Foundation had assets of approximately $37 million, based on proceeds from the sale of Bethany and retained assets. Two years later, the Bethany Medical Center Foundation dissolved and transferred most of its assets - $2.8 million - to the Wyandotte Health Foundation.
  • Since 1999 - our first grant-making year - the Foundation has awarded grants to 84 organizations totaling over $33.7 million.
  • The Wyandotte Health Foundation is a non-profit private foundation governed by an independent board of directors and not affiliated with any hospital.


  • The Foundation's Board of Directors has adopted a policy of giving approximately 5 percent of its assets each year in grants. This practice ensures that substantial annual funds for health improvement will be available in perpetuity.
  • The Foundation fulfills its mission by making grants to organizations and agencies that provide services that improve the health of Wyandotte County residents, and by working collaboratively within the community to further such efforts.
  • Organizations receiving grants have included the safety net clinics and the local health department that provide primary care to the poor and other groups that emphasize prevention, intervention and health education programs.


Staff, Location

  • The Foundation has a staff of three, who coordinate the grantmaking activities of the Foundation and work within the community to support programs designed to improve health.
  • The Foundation's offices are at 755 Minnesota Avenue*, Kansas City, KS. The building has a large conference room (seating for 24 people) that is available free of charge for meetings of community groups during regular business hours.

*Note: mailing address is P.O. Box 171242, Kansas City, KS 66117-0242