A Longstanding Charitable Mission

The Wyandotte Health Foundation was formed in 1997 from the sale of Bethany Medical Center to a for profit hospital corporation. The Foundation continues to maintain the commitment of the former Bethany hospital to serve the residents of Wyandotte County, particularly persons who are poor.

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Historical Timeline of Significant Events
1997 Bethany Medical Center sold to Galen of Kansas, Inc., a subsidiary of Columbia/HCA. Transition plan implemented to close out the hospital operation and convert to a charitable foundation.
Oct. 31, 1997 Sale closed; proceeds went to newly named Bethany Corporation, precursor of the Wyandotte Health Foundation.
May 1998 Changed name to Wyandotte Health Foundation. William M. Epperheimer named first president/CEO.
February 1999 Contracted with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation for services and technical support.
May 1999 Initiated first grant-making process.
September 1999 Bethany Medical Center Foundation dissolved; Wyandotte Health Foundation received assets of $2.8 million for distribution to designated groups and for purposes required.
Nov. 3, 1999 Bonnie and Gerald Boyer of ProSoCo donated building at 8th and Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, Kan., to the Foundation for offices.
1999 Total amount of grants awarded for first year of grant making equaled $1.5 million.
2000 Became involved and helped finance the Mayor's Access to Healthcare Commission to study ways to enhance access to care delivery in Wyandotte County.
Feb. 15, 2001 Dedicated new Wyandotte Health Foundation office at 755 Minnesota Avenue.
2003 Supported formation of Community Health Council of Wyandotte County through financial contributions, office space and significant in-kind services.
2006 Assumed a leadership role in the development of Wy/JoCare, the specialty physician referral program operated by the Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.
Oct. 31, 2007 Observed tenth anniversary.
2012 Achieved milestone of $30 million in grants awarded since 1999.
2012 Established Board New Initiative Committee to review and consider funding opportunities outside of normal grant-making process and cycle.
2012 Provided funding support and leadership involvement for Mayor's Healthy Communities Wyandotte initiative.