Funding Guidelines

Wyandotte Health Foundation will give the highest consideration for funding to programs or providers of projects that:

  • Are located in Wyandotte County and directly serve Wyandotte County residents.
  • Increase providers' ability to support and effectively deliver primary health care services.
  • Involve collaborative efforts among health care providers.
  • Demonstrate efforts to minimize duplication.
  • Assist in providing access to additional primary health care services by persons who poor, uninsured and underinsured.
  • Encourage a holistic approach to addressing health issues.
  • Foster creative health care solutions.
  • Leverage additional funding, both private and public.
  • Do not replace or supplant existing funding.
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity (both interpretation/translation services and cultural awareness).
  • Have clearly established measurable outcomes and the ability to monitor and report them.

Please note: The Wyandotte Health Foundation does not fund requests from individuals.

Grant Range
There is no minimum or maximum size for grants. In general, multi-year grants will not be considered.