Grant Information

TThe Wyandotte Health Foundation will receive applications for funding through our online grant portal.

Upon receipt of application, due diligence will be completed by the WHF staff and recommendations will then be made to the WHF Board of Directors. Applications will be reviewed by the Wyandotte Health Foundation Board of Directors who will determine grant awards, including level of funding.

Typical dates for upcoming grant cycles:

Prevention, Intervention and Education**
Applications available April 18, 2016
Applications due May 30, 2016
Grants announced August 2016
Primary Care Services**
Applications available May 16, 2016
Applications due June 27, 2016
Grants announced October 2016

**Please note: Applicants can only apply for one grant per year from Wyandotte Health Foundation - either a Primary Health Care grant or a grant for Prevention, Intervention and Education.

You can contact us by calling 913-371-4031 or emailing us at . Your organization's name will be placed on our master mailing list, and you will be notified when our grant cycle opens.