Grant Award Recipients

Current Grant Awards

Childhood Trauma
Avenue of Life

Amount Awarded: $10,000

Funding will provide necessary training to become a Trauma Informed Systems of Care Center through a three step process including design, training delivery, and application.

Bethel Neighborhood Center

Amount Awarded: $10,153

Funding will provide agency wide training to increase knowledge, understanding, and quality of service provision through a trauma informed lens.

Caritas Clinics, Inc.

Amount Awarded: $23,347

To support Caritas Clinics, Inc. (Duchesne Clinic) by contracting expert facilitators from Truman Medical Center to develop an internal process, plan, evaluation plan, and champion committee to develop a fully trauma informed organizational culture.

Donnelly College

Amount Awarded: $5,016

Funding will allow Donnelly to train all faculty and staff to provide trauma-informed educational and student support services, and to implement and adopt a trauma informed approach in educating college students.

The Family Conservancy

Amount Awarded: $66,365

$23,265 – The Family Conservancy will partner with three local Wyandotte County child care centers to provide trauma-informed training to all child care staff at each center; additionally families will participate in Conscious Discipline parenting classes.

$43,100 – Support for hiring a bilingual provider to provide bilingual therapy sessions in Wyandotte County.

KC Healthy Kids

Amount Awarded: $37,484

$13,395 – Healthy Kids Bright Futures will provide training for key personnel at two non-Head Start Early Care and Education Centers (ECECs) and technical assistance to guide the ECECs in establishing procedures, training staff, and accessing pertinent community resources to better assist children and families experiencing ACEs.

$24,089 – Funding will support hiring of a Community Navigator for the Healthy Kids Bright Futures program; the Navigator will work with families in two participating child care sites and help them access trauma-informed mental health services.

KU Endowment – BullDoc Clinic

Amount Awarded: $50,000

Provide screening and treatment of Adverse Childhood Experiences to students at both Wyandotte & J.C. Harmon High Schools.

Mercy and Truth Medical Missions

Amount Awarded: $23,976

To support Mercy and Truth in becoming a trauma informed clinic through contracting with Truman Medical Center’s Center for Trauma Informed Innovation.


Amount Awarded: $90,786

$21,026 – Funding will support PACES providing schools and organizations in Wyandotte County with specialized Trauma-Informed Care training to increase awareness and understanding about how trauma and high ACE scores impact children and their families.

$69,760 – Support to hire an Outreach Specialist to guide families seeking behavioral health services.

Saint Francis Community Services, Inc.

Amount Awarded: $50,992

$7,332 – Saint Francis Community Services will increase access to training in trauma specific treatment and training for staff and foster care parents, and community training on neuro-development and trauma.

$43,660 – From Trauma to Resiliency program will increase access to trauma-informed mental/behavioral health service in Wyandotte County by supporting a trauma-trained mental health therapist.

Turner House Children’s Clinic (dba Vibrant Health)

Amount Awarded: $199,538

$61,225 – Funding will provide support for additional behavioral health staff to expand the culturally and trauma sensitive health care services provided, including access to trauma informed screenings.

$5,839 – Funding will provide support for training to become a trauma aware organization per the Missouri Model Trauma Development Framework.

$45,334 – To support a twelve month project which will improve stakeholder and team knowledge, attitudes, and behavior around trauma awareness, practice, and policies through engagement of a trauma expert.

$87,140 – Increase access and quality of integrated behavioral healthcare, including trauma sensitive practices.

Wyandot, Inc.

Amount Awarded: $250,000

Expand the network of support of Alive ant Thrive via a community wide process  including enacting strategies aimed to prevent trauma and promote healing.  Funds will support hiring a full-time Alive and Thrive Coordinator, employ ‘resilience champions’, and build a grassroots movement through trauma informed partners.



Primary Health Care Award Recipients
Caritas Clinics (Duchesne Clinic)  

Amount Awarded: $120,000

This grant will support the provision of medical care and associated support services for underserved residents of Wyandotte County.

Children’s Mercy West Cordell D. Meeks, Jr. Clinic

Amount Awarded: $38,000

Children’s Mercy West is a pediatric clinic which provides trauma-informed primary care including social services to an underserved population in Wyandotte County

KU Endowment

Amount Awarded: $5,000

$5,000 – JayDoc Free Clinic – JayDoc Free Clinic is a student-run free clinic which provides preventive and urgent care to the uninsured/underinsured in the community; JayDoc provides specialty clinics including Diabetes Night, Women’s Health and Dental Night.

Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care

Amount Awarded: $180,000

Family Health Care provides primary care medical services including specialty care of infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis and other chronic diseases such as MS and cancer. Family Health Care also provides wellness and comprehensive prenatal and delivery care through the Maternal Options that Matter program.

Swope Health Services

Amount Awarded: $110,600

Swope Health Services is a Federally Qualified Health Center which provides quality, comprehensive primary care and dental services to all age groups in Wyandotte County.

Turner House Children’s Clinic, Inc. (dba Vibrant Health)

Amount Awarded: $257,000

Turner House Children’s Clinic provides primary health care, dental services, and mental health services to underserved children and adults in Wyandotte County; services include preventive care, well-child exams, immunizations, and dental services among others. In addition, Turner House Children’s Clinic will provide a school based oral health program.  The clinic operates out of three locations.

Unified Government Public Health Department

Amount Awarded: $100,000

The UG Public Health Department increases access to radiology services to the underinsured residents of Wyandotte County by partnering with the area safety net clinics to provide vouchers for patients to receive appropriate radiology services.

WyJo Medical Society Foundation (WyJo Care)

Amount Awarded: $23,875

To support the WyJo Care program which connects uninsured patiets (referred by safety net clinics in Wyandotte County) with volunteer specialist physicians.

Special Initiatives
El Centro, Inc.

Amount Awarded: $15,000

$15,000 – To support work of the Wyandotte County 2020 Census Complete Count Committee.

The Family Conservancy

Amount Awarded: $165,000

To provide matching funds for a grant of up to $1 million annually from the Kansas Children’s Cabinet & Trust Fund to expand the number of full-day, full-year quality childcare slots available in Wyandotte County.

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

Amount Awarded: $175,000

To become a trauma-informed school district, in partnership with KVC (3-year project)

Project Eagle

Amount Awarded: $92,583

ABC Intervention to provide home visitations and parent coaching for at-risk families with children ages 0 – 3 (3-year project).

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