Grant Opportunities


Wyandotte Health Foundation will give the highest consideration for funding to programs or providers of projects that:

  • Are located in Wyandotte County and directly serve Wyandotte County residents.
  • Increase providers’ ability to support and effectively deliver primary health care services.
  • Involve collaborative efforts among organizations working to improve health outcomes in Wyandotte County.
  • Demonstrate efforts to minimize duplication.
  • Encourage a holistic approach to addressing health issues.
  • Foster creative health care solutions.
  • Leverage additional funding, both private and public.
  • Do not replace or supplant existing funding.
  • Demonstrate culturally appropriate practices at all levels of the organization.
  • Have clearly established measurable outcomes and the ability to monitor and report them.

Please note: The Wyandotte Health Foundation does not fund requests from individuals.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered as a potential Wyandotte Health Foundation grantee, your organization must:

  • Non-profits and public entities.
  • Demonstrate that all funding will be used to serve Wyandotte County residents.

Funding Restrictions

In general, the Wyandotte Health Foundation will NOT award grants to the following:

  • Direct support to individuals for projects or scholarships.
  • Budget deficits or debt reduction.
  • Activities that exclusively benefit members of sectarian or religious organizations.
  • Efforts that directly influence legislation or support candidates for office.
  • Annual fund drives or events.
  • Building/capital campaigns.
  • Medical research.

Grant Cycles Scheduled for 2022

Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Services for Families in Trauma

Total amount available: $250,000
Release of Request for Proposal (RFP): July 8, 2022
Application deadline: August 12, 2022


Core Operating Support for Primary Care Safety Net Clinics

Total amount available: $758,614
Release of Request for Proposal (RFP): July 2022
Application deadline: August 12, 2022 (noon deadline)

*Please note: only current safety-net grantees are eligible to apply.

Download the SAMPLE RFP
Download the SAMPLE Budget Template
Download the SAMPLE Application Tables


COVID-19 Grant Opportunity

The Wyandotte Health Foundation will provide grant awards of up to $20,000 to organizations who are working to improve the vaccination rates for COVID-19 within Wyandotte County, particularly targeting Black, Latino, and refugee communities, and areas within Wyandotte County with low vaccination rates

A total of up to $100,000 is available for this grant opportunity.

Release of Request for Proposal (RFP): July 8, 2022
Application deadline: August 12, 2022 (noon deadline) *Each grant will have a grant term of 6 months and will require a final report to be submitted.

For questions please contact Randy Lopez at 


Apply for a grant

Applications will be reviewed by the Wyandotte Health Foundation Board of Directors who will determine grant awards, including level of funding.